UV MetalLine

For tinplate and aluminium

This series has been developed for hand printing on undercoat-varnished metals such as tinplate and aluminium.

Special properties:

  • Very fast UV curing
  • High colour intensity
  • High scratch resistance
  • Good adhesion
  • Good ink/water balance
Item no.LightSpiritNitroAlkali
UV MetalLine Yellow2900UM07+++
UV MetalLine Magenta4391UM017+++
UV MetalLine Cyan7019UM018+++
UV MetalLine Black9UM0018+++

+ property given, - property not given


Important note of usage:

Due to the various kinds of printing substrates on the market, we highly recommend a preliminary test run to verify the adhesion properties.  


UV inks have a limited shelf life. In case of appropriate storage at 20 ┬░C and protected from direct sunlight, we guarantee a shelf life of 6 months.




This technical instruction sheet is designed for your information and reference. It is based on and conforms toour current knowledge. However as actual application is affected by many factors over which we have no control,we are not liable for printing failures.