Poster Series

This series is a Euro Scale for universal use, suitable for all printing presses with different damping systems. Excellent colour/water balance (in most cases fountain water can be reduced), no ghosting, no emulsifying at low ink transfer, no build-up on the rubber blankets, high colour intensity, good dot sharpness, fast setting, high gloss and an outstanding final rub resistance are the outstanding properties.

Poster Series can be used on almost all papers (recycled, coated, matte-coated, chlorine-free, unbleached paper, no foil)

This series is very well suitable for billboards.

Fastness Properties:

Item no.LightTransp.SpiritNitroAlkali
Poster Series Yellow2900P106-7++-+
Poster Series Magenta4391P107++++
Poster Series Cyan7019P108++++
Poster Series Black9A8158-+++


+ property given | - property not given


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